SUCESS SO FAR 2019 to 2021

It has been quite challenging to re- establish a successful legal practice after selling my old practice called Cathers Mulley Kamiya, Lawyers after running it or over 8 years.

It surly started up without much of any sort of difficulty and because of my down to earth nature and get things done in the right manner has been attitude to any tasks I undertake,I attracted some large clients mainly Matters of the following nature:

  • Corporations Law matter – Set aside Statutory Demand ( Supreme Court)
  • Land matter – Extinguishment of Easement ( Supreme Court )
  • Land Matter – Put and call option Litigation defence work (Supreme Court )
  • Several family Law matter (Federal Court)
  • Land contract – Specific performance – Defence ( Supreme Court)
  • Land Matter – Dividing fence Dispute ( Local Court)
  • Several Employment matter
  • Estate matters – Wills, Power of attorneys & Guardianships, Probate applications.
  • Property Law – Off plan purchase advice and conduct of the matter

These are some of enjoyable work and durning all this time I have been till the present time Legal Advisor for GoodNeighbours (Australia) for over 2 hours per week on a volunteer basis , I love this work as well.

Lets see what 2021 is about.

Since all this time has been quite busy helping my repeat valued clients and more updates coming up soon.